Ragnarok Online Full Client (Recommended)

Please download the Full Client if you dont have working copy of the latest kRO files or RO Full Client. Download and Save in one folder. (Working on PC and Android Device)

Part 1 (Google Drive)

Part 2 (Google Drive)

Part 3 (Google Drive)

Part 4 (Google Drive)

Part 5 (Google Drive)

Part 6 (Google Drive)
Extract all files in one folder.

Lite Patch Installer

The lite installer is only recommended to experienced players who know exactly what they are doing. You may download the Lite Patch if you already have a working copy of the latest kRO files or RO Full Client.

Mirror 1 (MediaFire)


  • Download and Save the Lite Patch on your computer.
  • Extract the Lite Patch in the same folder as your kRO or RO Folder. (Make sure no other server is installed in this folder)
  • Go into the RO folder and find the RO Patcher. Right click it > Go to properties > Run as Administrator.
  • Run your RO Auto-patcher to receive the latest updates. You should use this patcher to start the game everytime!

For Mobile Phone user (Android Device Only)

How to install Nexus RO to your android device.

Mirror 1 (Android Application)


  • If you have have copy of the running Nexus RO Folder. You may direct copy it inside your phone. If not skip this step.
  • Download Ragnarok Online Full Client then extract after..
  • Install the Android Base APP (powered by AndRO).
  • After installation, open NEXUS RO in your phone Application and locate the pathway to your copied Ragnarok Folder.